Wordpress Plugin

A lot of hosts don’t allow for remote access, you guys should make an appsmith Wordpress plugin!


I’m not sure I totally understood what you meant by that. Do you mean that Appsmith should integrate with Wordpress APIs the way we do with MySQL/PostgreSQL? Or do you mean that we should embed Appsmith inside Wordpress by writing a Wordpress plugin?

If you had a use-case in mind, it’ll be useful for us.

Sounds like he’s asking for a plugin that would access the wordpress DB and then send that across to appsmith.

Using wordpress API’s would be really good for the future.

Embedding Appsmith inside of Wordpress by writing a Wordpress plugin that accesses the Wordpress DB. The use case is pretty huge, 40% of sites are Wordpress, and most website owners resort to paying consultancies large amounts of money to build internal tools/custom plugins.

Have you considered this option further?

At this juncture, I don’t think we are at a stage where we have the bandwidth to write a Wordpress plugin and run Appsmith inside Wordpress. If you’d be willing to contribute to this issue, we’d be more than happy to help out.

On the other hand, one of the things that we’ve been working on is improving our API integration experience and adding a lot more integrations. Integrating with Wordpress APIs has been added to that list. Hence, in the near future, you can directly connect your Wordpress instance to Appsmith using APIs.

As of right now, you can host Appsmith independently and connect it to the Wordpress DB directly to manipulate data. Alternatively, you could integrate with Wordpress APIs yourself through our REST API connector and manage your Wordpress installation through Appsmith.

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