Will there be a proper UI to handle authenticated/none-authenticated users?

as was demonstrated couple of times (just recently in video dedicated to authentication using Xano) -
the current way to handle different UI for authenticated/none-authenticated users is to have tabs widget, hide tabs header, make “login” tab default one, etc, etc
It is not a good Developer Experience, honestly.
It’s a workaround at best. Besides, in editing, I cannot quickly make changes to other, not-default, tab, since the tab header is hidden and I need to do several steps to switch to that tab.
Every time I need to implement this workaround I’m thinking sarcastically “boy oh boy, that’s the low-code, righty, it is sparing me so much time…”
Please please make a dedicated tool for handling authenticated/none-authenticated users

Hi Yureckey,

Yes we’ll have a few updates to enable features for authenticated vs non-authenticated users. As you know we are very focused on internal apps, so we’ve not done much for custom authentication yet.
We recommend using Appsmith’s login feature by default, which includes Google SSO and form login.

Could you elaborate on your usecase? It’ll help us understand what to solve. Thank you

yes, I’m aware, and my use case was for the internal tool, for Backendless as backend.

Got it. So you want to use backendless as the authentication service?

although, more like this:
some time ago I wanted to check if it would be easy to use Appsmith to build an internal dashboard tool for the Backendless app I have, keeping Backendless admins login/pass (so, using backendless as the authentication service). It wasn’t easy due to this authentication workaround and due to table widget being too simple, so I put this project on pause. Recently I saw your video Appsmith+Xano as authentication and I remembered my experience and decided to post this question.

Understood. Let me know how the testing goes this time.

We have a few updates in the pipeline for the table widget like allowing inline editing, infinite scroll, etc.