Widget "Rich Text Editor" gets data only after second opening


has anyone noticed similar perhaps?

I have a modal with several input widgets and a rich text widget. All inputs get their data from a table. When I open the app and the first time open the modal, then in all inputs are shown the correct values, only in the rich text widget not (it is empty). When I close the widget and then open it again, the content in the richt text is visible.


@franz I’m not able to reproduce this issue and the rich text editor widget appears to be loading data when the modal is first opened. Would it be possible to invite me to your app (dancia@appsmith.com) so that I can debug the issue? Alternatively if the app is confidential, it would be great if you could the recreate just this issue on an app for sharing.

i tried to build an app to share with you. And can´t reproduce it… :thinking:
i open the modal from am button within an table. can that be the reason? i am at a loss.


@franz I checked it with a button within the table too, but the rich text editor widget get populated when the modal is opened the first time itself. We would need to investigate your application to debug the issue. If possible do share it with us. You could also share the exported JSON to the email id mentioned above.

in the meantime I have exchanged the richt text for a normal input widget. Here the content is also displayed at the first start.

I will try to duplicate the app, put the richt text widget back and remove personal data.

Then I will send the app.

@franz Thank you .That would be really helpful

I already did that on friday to your email address.

Thanks @franz. I did take a quick look on Friday. I’m trying to recreate the issue at my end. Will update you soon

Could you also specify which browser you are using?
Edit: We came across this bug lately on a certain browser. so it could be related to what you are experiencing - [Bug]: RichTextEditor not loading at start · Issue #11624 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

i am using Mozilla Firefox.

@franz Thanks. Can you see if the issue happens on Chrome? The above issue was detected on Firefox and Safari browsers