Where is Data stored?

So, I have successfully deployed Appsmith on a machine and it is working fine for me.

Now I have 2-3 questions to ask so that we can use it with production level:

  1. Data storage : If I am making a dashboard it have 10-15 questions or queries and some data is fetched out, where will this dashboard data get store, in my machine or somewhere else.
  2. Internet usage : After complete deployment do I need to give it any sort of Internet access for further use.

Please help me with these two questions


  1. Data Storage : All data will be stored in MongoDB that is shipped as part of the Appsmith installation on your machine
  2. Internet usage : You will need Internet access. We support air-gapped installations only on our Enterprise Edition. In case you’re interested in learning more, you could set up a call with us: Calendly
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