What is the difference between SMTP settings in docker.env and the "Email" page in Admin settings?

As in title, docs say to configure SMTP settings in docker.env (https://docs.appsmith.com/setup/instance-configuration/email) but what is the difference between this and going to the “Admin Settings → Email” page?

I noticed that on my install whats in docker.env does not match whats in “Admin Settings → Email”

I’m on K8 using configmaps if it matters.

@dan_phonovation Sorry about the confusion. Admin Settings is just an alternative way of updating the environment variables directly in the UI instead of on the docker.env or values.yaml file on K8s. Admin Settings is only available to SuperAdmins.

I don’t quite get it. Then why does the admin settings page not match my configmap or the output of “env”?

@dan_phonovation If you are K8s, this setting will reflect in your values.yaml file. Can you confirm that this is not the case?

There are 2 sets of values:

What I see in Environment, we’ll call that X
What I see on the Email Settings page, we’ll call that Y

Values.yaml, the active ConfigMap AS WELL as the output of the “env” command in the active appsmith pod contains X.

However, a completely different set is displayed on the email settings page - Y.

When performing tasks such as inviting members - X is being used.

Hey @dan_phonovation, thank you for asking, and sorry for the confusion. You are right, in a k8s deployment, the values from your ConfigMap, are treated as canonical, and are the ones that are actually used by Appsmith. What shows up in Admin Settings is unfortunately not in sync with the ConfigMap, predominantly because Appsmith backend server doesn’t have access to the ConfigMap resource directly. We are working on fixing the confusion, yes.

Note that this confusion only for k8s deployments. On a docker-compose based deployment, it should work well. We are working to fix this on k8s as well.

Please make configuration changes to your instance directly in your ConfigMap (via the values.yaml) only.