Welcome to Appsmith Community!

Welcome to the Appsmith community

The Appsmith community is a place for users to discuss Appsmith, get support, share their applications, and search for help in our archives.

General Guidelines for the community

Guidelines for posting

This forum is divided into 5 broad sections.

  • Question and Answers

    Discussion and FAQ are around Appsmith, the team, and the project. Ask anything about UI Widgets / Data source integrations, Product Planning, and anything unrelated to application building on Appsmith.

  • Appsmith Support

    Get support for issues specific to your application on Appsmith. These issues will need specific knowledge about your environment/application to debug/support. Please mention your environment, error logs/debug logs and a video of the support request, if possible. , e.g., Installation of docker image fails for Cent OS v 11.1 with error output xx

    For support queries that are not specific to your circumstances, please use How do I do X?. For business-critical support, please ping us on Discord.

  • How do I do X

    Support to get something specific done in Appsmith that is not unique to your development environment and application. Support requests in this bucket should help other users achieve the same objective in their setup with the answers posted. , e.g., How do I connect a table widget to an API?

  • Appsmith Learning Resources

    Have you worked on a project or would like to post about how others can level up on Appsmith and do better? Please post links to your blogs, tutorials, and anything else interesting here. Have an application you’d like to templatize and let others fork? Please post it here.

    Our team will also regularly update this section with tutorials, how-to guides and templates.

  • Show and Tell

    Made an app you’d like to talk about and present to the community? Please share it here! You might even be able to present it during our community hours on Thursday! We love Show and tells from our users and love it if when you show us your work.

What not to post

  • Bug reports should still be filed on the project’s GitHub Issues page.
  • Feature Requests should still be posted on the project’s GitHub Issues Page. Please use GitHub to discuss features. You can create a post linking to the feature on this forum for a wider reach.

Finally, please review FAQ before contributing. We expect this to be a place for civilized discourse.

We are excited to have you and look forward to all of the great discussions we’ll have here.