Want to connect with custom redis on my local setup

what are the steps that I should follow to use custom redis on my app while deploying it using helm?

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@aaryan You can specify the env variable (APPSMITH_REDIS_URL) mentioned here - https://docs.appsmith.com/setup/instance-configuration/custom-mongodb-redis#custom-redis in the values.yaml file

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@dancia Thanks for your reply, but as I am new to redis can you pls guide how to use redis cloud.

@dancia I have successfully connected to mongo_db_uri but when I am deploying the app on any other system pointing to the same mongo uri I am getting same state but getting internal server error for applications where I have used datasource or connected to a database. In this case till now I have not used external redis, will external redis will solve the problem to run the application on any other device without giving internal server error?

@aaryan Apologies for the delay. I’m on the same boat too regarding using Redis :slight_smile: Let me loop in a DevOps engineer here.

Regarding the Internal server error, restarting the instance might solve the problem.

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Hey @aaryan, can you share the logs from the backend server to see what’s causing the error please? Using an external Redis may or may not solve the problem, but I think we need to understand what problem we are dealing with, before we can make recommendations.

You can find this log file at stacks/logs/backend/backend.log. Or, just the full logs of your appsmith pod.


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@sharat87 thanks for your reply,
I have taken screenshot of the logs-

@aaryan, thanks for sharing the logs. Looks like the problem is mismatching salt and password. Please ensure that all instances connecting to the same MongoDB, also have the same values for APPSMITH_ENCRYPTION_PASSWORD and APPSMITH_ENCRYPTION_SALT.

Detail: When you create a datasource on Appsmith to connect to a database like Postgres for example, sensitive details in this like the database password will be stored in MongoDB after being encrypted. This encryption happens using the above two salt and password values. So that, even if your database is compromised, the sensitive data like this won’t be compromised. However, if you connect to this DB with a different salt and password, the decryption will fail, and you’ll see this Cipher error.

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okay, will try this. thanks a ton!

@sharat87 Thanks for your help and fast reply. Hope this works for me.