Very slow in edit and deployment mode

I am running a self hosted version of AppSmith on Docker.
I am finding that it runs very slow, I have set up a MYSQL container on docker to host the information and currently only have 6 entries on the database, so am concerned that if it is this slow with 6 entries, once I set it live and add more entries it will likely only get slower.

I have a few different pages pulling info from different tables on the same MYSQL Database. I find though that different pages seem to run at different speeds, the one that runs the slowest is the main page.
The only conclusion I can draw is that is runs slower because there are more JS functions and SQL queries associated with that page, however there are only
8 Queries
18 JS scripts

The queries are the standard, SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE along with a few others to populate dropdown lists with information from other tables

SELECT * FROM JobRecord WHERE JobTitle like '%{{Table1.searchText || ""}}%' AND JobStatus != 'Archived' AND JobStatus != 'Sourcing' AND JobStatus != 'Quoted' ORDER BY {{col_select.selectedOptionValue}} {{order_select.selectedOptionValue}} LIMIT {{Table1.pageSize}} OFFSET {{(Table1.pageNo - 1) * Table1.pageSize}};

SELECT Company FROM Accounts

The Javascript that I am using is to perform calculations to populate total prices etc after entering/editing details

export default { function() { let total; { total= Number((((Number(a.value) + Number(b.value)) /100) * Number(c.value)) + Number(a.value) + Number(b.value)) } return total.toFixed(2); } }

I have seen this particular page take over 1min to load/respond and even editing can take a long time going from one widget to the next.

Any help would be much appreciated.

@Paulmcf Apologies for the delay. Can you specify your system specs? We recommend 4 GB RAM with 2 CPUs (t3.medium on AWS).

The issue is being looked at here

I currently have a VPS with 8GB Ram and 4 Cores.

I have run various Docker Images on this in the past and never had any issues with performance.
I have used similar software such as Corteza and Budibase and performance has never been an issue

Oh didn’t realise it was already being investigated. Hope it gets resolved soon :crossed_fingers:

Would yo be able to check up on it? I sent some replies yesterday but have not heard anything. I need this up and running before the end of the month and will need to decide whether I stick with AppSmith for it or move elsewhere.

I feel, from what I have seem so far that AppSmith has all the tools I need but the performance seems to be all that it holding me back.
Im hoping that there will be a simple tweak that I can use,

I have noticed that tables with only 1 query load quickly, as soon as I add queries or javascript, it slows right down

I noticed there is an active conversation on the Github link :slight_smile: