Validations on load form


Sometimes we end up adding validations (required / regex etc) for UI elements once bad data is already in the system.

  1. Since there is an option to disable form on Form errors, it works well while filling the form afresh. But when loading with existing data, lot of these validations are not evaluated (or not kicking in) and hence not highlighted. This leads to Submit button being enabled even when its not supposed to be. However, as called out earlier, while filling an empty form it works as expected.

  2. Let’s say we have an array field. And each element is some object. Certain fields in the object have some validations. Even when array is empty, the validations kick in and disable Submit button. And since there is no array element it is not highlight which field is causing the error

Please let me know if any other details are needed

In cases where the field is allowed to be left empty but, if it contains data, the data should be valid (like you the array instance above), You might have to add that to your validation as well.

Overall, You might have to adjust the validations to only run for fields.
Can you share a screenshot of your validation rules?