User Management in Community Edition

Is there any user management in self-hosted Community Edition?

I understand the Granular Access Control is a Business Edition feature, but does that imply that there is no user management in the Community Edition? The feature specs say that the community edition has “3 standard pre-defined roles”, but I don’t see a way to manage user roles, or to even see/manage users at all.

Thank you!

Hello and welcome to our community!
We provide access control on our Community edition, with the following standard roles: Administrator, Developer, and App Viewer. For more information, check our documentation on the RBAC available in our Community Edition.

Thanks, Amelia.

I see, the roles are at the workspace level. I didn’t understand that.

Is there a way to see and manage users at the instance level? How can instance Admins see users, reset passwords, remove users, etc?

Thank you!

That’s not possible currently. Could you tell us more about your use case?

Sure. We’re going to run a self-hosted community edition pilot instance. I’m going to invite a handful of users to join the pilot. They’ll Sign Up for an account using the Form Login and be on their way.

After a bit, I’ll want to be able to see who Signed up and created an account. So I’d want to be able to see the instance’s accounts. Or maybe I’ll want to delete a user’s account for some reason. Maybe they leave the company or are no longer part of the pilot. How would I do that?

Thanks - John

This is currently not possible. However, could you please help us file a feature request using the following link?- Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Please include your use case and how it will be useful for you.