Usage for public apps? / Can I create advanced datatables (read only)

I see that Appsmith is geared towards internal apps.

Is there any reason why you couldn’t or shouldn’t use it for public apps since you can have unlimited users? Because there wouldn’t be native functionality for things like billing etc right?

Anything else?

Could I use it to easily build an initial public MVP just to test or is it better to use something else for a public web app SaaS frontend like Bubble etc?

Lastly can I use it to build any kind of advanced sortable, searchable, filterable data tables that connect to external backend API? What framework would you use for the table?


Hi Jay,

Our focus is on internal business apps and this is reflected in some limitations like the ones you mentioned as well as UI limitations. For example, you can’t customize the invite email that goes out to users. We expect the UI to become as flexible as Bubble is in the future.
You can definitely use it to build a public MVP.

Yes you can create a sortable, searchable, filterable data table. The table comes with filters, a search bar, and pagination. You can watch a video about it here: How to use the Table Widget - YouTube