URL with query parameters broken in edit mode

We used to pass query parameter with navigateTo(page, {'sequence_id' : 123}) and then access it with appsmith.URL.queryParams.sequence_id
But couple of days ago it stopped working in edit mode, although it still works in production mode.

In edit mode, there is no parameter in the url, instead we have /edit?branch=main#niztnxjv3o

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That’s weird!

It works for me, can you share the code snippet of the navigateTo? It’ll also help to know which version you are on.

We use cloud, so I guess we at the latest version.

We’ve identified a bug in special cases where the app is in Edit Mode and Connected to git-sync - [Bug]: `navigateTo` function broken. Fails to set queryParams if the app is connected to Git · Issue #18376 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

This issue is fixed now. Please upgrade to v1.8.11