URL is a bit vague: custom authentication guide

Hi there,
trying to do the How to implement custom authentication on Appsmith guide,
but the explanation on how to get the URL is a bit vague, could someone assist please :pray:?

@armant Do you mean the part about the authentication api?

@dancia there is mention of an url for when creating the api,
that need to be entered next to the POST(dropdown) see below picture

How/where do I get that URL?

That is the url of the Auth API if you have one. If you have not created one, you can use the test Auth API url created for the tutorial - https://appsmith-tutorial-apis.herokuapp.com/auth/local

@dancia :
is there a lecture on creating the Auth Api, or is this an external app/api that we need to build on our own?

Hey there is no video tutorial on our Youtube channel about creating an Auth API as this is built outside of Appsmith.

Am I understanding this correct, is that url to authenticate on another platform
is it to authenticate a user on the Appsmith platform?

@armant Sorry for the confusion. So this video is about how to implement a custom Auth API built to access another application say for eg: Google Cloud through Appsmith’s REST API interface. Let me try and see if I can get some basic tutorials or videos on youtube to explain this concept.

Here’s an example using Postman which explains the creation of the Auth API- Postman Tutorial - OAUTH 2.0 Authorization using Gmail API - YouTube. Hope this helps.

If you want to go deeper into this, the below two videos might help you understand the concepts in a bit more detail -

You may also want to check out Auth0 after learning these concepts Authentication API Explorer


So basically I need to build my own Api then use that AUTH url here on Appsmith…
If so it’s not what I actually wanted.

What I actually want to do is:

  • How can a create a AUTH login page in Appsmith for Appsmith users?
  • How can I make certain pages available publically and others are private that’s protected by the AUTH login page?
  • How can I create authorization, ie. roles for each Appsmith user? so certain private pages are available to certain Appsmith users?

@armant With Appsmith’s authentication, you can invite a user using the share button inside the application by specifying particular role (Administrator, Developer, App Viewer). For a login page, unfortunately you have to use an external Auth API or club with some other tool like Xano (Custom Appsmith Authentication With Xano - YouTube) to achieve this on Appsmith.

However, realising this need, we also have an open feature on Github for Granular Access Control which will allow you to restrict access to pages. You can track the issue here - [Epic] Granular Access Control | ABAC · Issue #3317 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub