Uploading CSV file to table and filling in other columns based on values in certain column

Hi everyone! I’m new to app smith and hoping to get some help. My goal is to:

  1. upload a csv file into a table in appsmith
  2. fill in extra columns in the table based on the value of entries in one of the uploaded columns of the csv file. I have a spreadsheet that dictates what should be filled in.

Using a template provided on a different forum I am able to complete step 1 (screenshot 1 below). What I want to do is fill in the Status and Explanation columns based on the value of the ELEMENT column. I have an Excel file with column names ‘_ELEMENT’, ‘Status’, and ‘Explanation’ that lists possible values of ELEMENT and shows what Status and Explanation values should be entered based on the ELEMENT value. Is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome to our community! It is possible to achieve this if you upload the second file and use a JS function inside a JS Object to manipulate the data. Here is another sample app that shows how to merge two CSV files. Please fork it and let us know if it helps.