Upload files to local shared folder (SELF HOST)

I’m trying to create one pocket clinic CRM, and for each treatment, i need to create one small gallery with image report.

( 6-8MB/ photo) with max 20 photos,

How can i upload files do my local folder and private access to this photos, only app can view it?
With S3 filepicker tutorial, the folder is public access and it’s not good.

One tutorial with Local photo gallery will be very usefull!

Hi there!
Let me log this internally and see if I can get any help

Hi again!
I wanted to clarify somethings:

  1. Is a private s3 bucket not working for you?
  2. What do you mean by local folder?


Thanks for your reply.
I want create one local folder called gallery, and upload files via filepicker to that folder. The local folder is hosted im my server were app smith is located, and create CRUDs for that image folder.

One widget called file manager and linked with filepicker will be very very usefull

Have you tried doing this with a private S3 bucket?