Underscores in hyperlinks

I’ve seen that if a URL ends in an underscore (e.g. “https://test.com/abcfe_”), the hyperlink that results from using the string in a Text widget does not include the underscore. Is there a way around this?

Hi! You can try this workaround:

Hi @Amelia , that worked, thanks! It does result in somewhat lengthy javascript with lots of concats (see below). Is this being considered a bug?

("<a href=\"").concat(TABLE_project_recordings.selectedRow.recording_folder_link).concat("\">").concat(TABLE_project_recordings.selectedRow.recording_folder_link).concat("</a>")

Yes, this is a bug. I’ll create a GitHub issue for it and share the link.
Please use the workaround until this gets fixed.

You can track this bug here: [Bug]: Hyperlink with Underscore at the End Placed Inside Text Widget Does Not Include the Underscore · Issue #19736 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub