Unable to start appsmith Docker instance


I have been using a AWS EC2 instance as a ubuntu platform to host my docker instance of appsmith. It was working fine until recently when my AWS instance ran out of memory and I had to increase the memory allocation. I increased the memory and extended the file system of the EC2 instance so that appsmith is able to access the memory.
After I extended the memory and restarted the appsmith docker container. The docker container could not start and it keeps crashing with the below error (I would also like to point out that I am using external MongoDB storage for the internal database of my appsmith instance),

Now as I understand the MongoDB instance I am using is self managed and at the moment does not have replica sets. But that wasn’t causing the instance to crash till now. I am not able to understand the cause for this. Could anyone please suggest a resolution?

@Praveen Here in the documentation, it mentions that you need to configure the replica set - Custom MongoDB & Redis - Appsmith

Not sure how it was working earlier.

Thank you @dancia, I already tried that. Turns out it was a bug in the last updates in appsmith. This resolved it, Fix server not starting in v1.6.4

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Thanks for pointing this out @Praveen!