Unable to Fetch More Than 100 Records from Airtable

This question was asked by one of our community members on Discord:

I’m unable to fetch more than 100 records from my datasource.
I am using Airtable as my datasource.
is there any limit or do I have to upgrade my plan?

Whenever I am increasing the page size to more than 100 it is giving the same error for all the queries


This error shows up.

This issue is usually from the Airtable API limitation. The Airtable REST API can fetch a maximum of 100 records at a time, so the solution is setting the offset dynamically for the table widget.

On the query set the offset property to:


On the table widget property pane, you will have to turn on server-side pagination on the table and ensure you call the api on the page change event. Set the page limit to 100.

With this, we should display all the data with the pagination.