Unable to click on Reset Password link in email

As a self-hosted instance, I have set up an email integration with Sendgrid. When I invite new users or reset my own password, I successfully receive an email (albeit in the spam folder) from Appsmith. In these emails, unfortunately, the link is not clickable & on closer inspection of the HTML, the a href tag doesn’t have a URL associated with it.

Can someone please help me?

This is happening because the source email ID is not verified on Sendgrid and hence Gmail is sending the email to spam. As a protection mechanism, Gmail strips out all a href tags from the email so that users don’t end up accidentally clicking on a link in a spam email.

In order to resolve this, please open the email received from Appsmith & click on the option “Not Spam”. This will move the email to your Inbox and also enable link clicks within it.