Trying to query Trino (newer Presto)

Hello guys!
Since Trino db connectivity is not supported I was trying to build it using API.
Querying Trino works like this -

  • POST query request
    response is usually with status=QUEUED and nextUri
  • GET nextUri from above
    response will have status QUEUED, FAILED, RUNNING or FINISHED
  • when all data pages received - the query complete

JS function doesn’t allow fetching data directly. So I tried to play around two apiPOST and apiGET passing nextUri via store. Still doesn’t work. Did anyone was able to do something like this?

Hey! Could you please demonstrate the issue with a screen recording? It’ll be easier to see the code and other config to predict what might be going wrong. Other options is sharing the app with us. If you can do that great, invite as developer and share the app name here.