The action "<API_NAME>" has failed

Hi All,

I get this error on all my apps randomly, the solution was to simply refresh the page and it would work.

I’m running filters on the Table Widget JS to exclude/include certain entries from the data-source.

API that is calling the data is very basic, no filtering applied there since I use it as a main API to get data and later on filter depending on conditions under tabs/pages.


{{ (item => item['Column Email :'] !== '' && item['Column ID Type'] == 'Normal')}}

Edit :

I’m getting this in the error,
{ "tableData":undefined }

If you require more details on this, please do let me know. Would appreciate any help regarding limiting this error as it appears to be randomly occurring and inconsistent to reproduce.

Hey @o2d!
Thanks for reaching out here. Can you please share a screenshot of the API pane next time this error occurs? Also elaborate on when this api is triggered other than on page load.

Hi @pranav,

I’ve been trying to replicate the error for a while and It didnt occure, will share it once I manage to get it.
Yes, this API is triggered on page load.

Hey @pranav ,
Here are the screenshots - I tried adding the filters in the API itself but I’m still getting the error. Hope this helps.

Hi @o2d
Can you please share the sheet or the sheet with dummy data with us? It will help us reproduce the issue more quickly. We apologize for the trouble.
Here’s my email address

Hi @subratadeypappu, due to the confidentiality of the data I’m not comfortable with sharing it, I can populate fake data under same type/format and share a excel sheet where you can replicate the issue and see.

I have about 8-10 apps running with google sheet as the data source and it happens with all of them, my doubt is on the pagination limit where I just put 1000 since these are test cases.

Hi @o2d
I didn’t mean to ask for the original sheet. You can provide me with any google sheet which helps me reproduce this issue.

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Hi @subratadeypappu
Apologies for the delayed response, I have emailed a sample set of data with possible variants to the mentioned e-mail, I’d appreciate if you can look into that. Thanks.

Hi @o2d
I haven’t received any email. Can you please check again from your end?
Found it in the spam folder.

Hi @o2d
I have tried with the same google sheet you shared and apparently with the same query. But I didn’t get any errors.

Hi @subratadeypappu,
Not exactly sure how to reproduce the error as it seems to be occurring at random. I have manually increased the query timeout to 90,000-100,000 and using the {{}} in the server side pagination to limit the error - I haven’t encountered the error in last 24hrs, will report back if it reoccurs.

I briefly went through github and noticed it was discussed in #14141 - is there any workaround do you suggest to prevent this?

Hi @o2d
The action <action name> has failed errors that were occurring too often due to some unhandled cases. But it has been taken care of in the issue you mentioned i.e. #14141. Having said that, users might still encounter such errors due to multiple reasons e.g. Network error, and query execution error.

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