Text Widget doesn't update with API response data

I am trying to update a Text Widget in a Modal from the response of an API call and cannot figure out what I am missing.

Here is what the screen looks like:

When I click the Status button, the API is called, and I see the right responses on the console log, but, the Text Widget is not showing the response data. When I click the button, the Text Widget goes gray while the API call is running and then returns back the default string I have set in JSObject1.status.

The button has an onClick event:

The Text Widget has Text:

The JSObject1 code is the following:

export default {
	status: "No data to display...",
	getWorldStatus: async () => {
		JSObject1.status = "...";
		JSObject1.status = WorldStatus.data;
		return JSObject1.status;

My console.log is this:

No data to display...
Server Status: not running.

I am expecting Server Status: not running. to be in the Text Widget but instead I see the original string No data to display....

What am I missing?

@smaier Can you try binding this {{JSObject1.getWorldStatus()}} to the Text widget as the function is returning the status value.