Table widget with select column

I have a table with query data and there’s a select column when i edit and change it, the value is displaying in the table and I don’t want that. In my case this is the select option properties {{>({label: a.PrinterName, value:}))}}
instead of value I want to show the label.

when i try to change the value: as PrinterName it can be done but I need the id for doing the query

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I checked and confirmed the issue. This behavior is intentional as it helps to ensure that the correct information is stored.

I recommend storing the printer names and IDs in a JavaScript object as a lookup table. This way, you can easily display the printer name in the column by using {{myObj.myPrinterLookup[currentRow.printer_id]}}. This will give you a clear mapping between the printer ID and the printer name.

Hi @Laguna Thank you for your quick response. I’m sorry could you please give me an example? I am a new learner on appsmith and development.