Table widget - Select column type

Hello everyone!

I have a question regarding the column type ‘Select’ as I don’t seem to get it working.
The response I get from an SQL query seems to be accepted as value in the ‘Option’ tab of the column

But the dropdown is not showing at all in my table? The column just remains empty:

I couldn’t find any in depth explanation about this column type, everywhere it just refers to the select widget. But in the the select widget my solution is just working fine…

Here is was my query response looks like:
“label”: “Label1 Test”,
“value”: “Value 1 Test”


I also tried to get this work with hardcoded values but the dropdown never shows…
Maybe someone has an idea?
Thank you!

Hi @Rob1998, I assume the data returned from your query is used to populate the entire table, however, from the response you sent, I can only see an array of objects with 2 fields.

Can you share what the full response looks like?

Hi @Olawale,
my table data is populated by another query.
I added a new column to this table and wanted to populate a dropdown in this column with my mentioned query.

But the dropdown is not showing in mentioned column.
What I’m doing wrong here?

@Rob1998 To make use of the dropdown you need to make the Test column editable.

Hi @Laguna
unfortunately this option is greyed out, I thought this would be applied automatically when I choose ‘Select’ as type?

It may be because this is a custom column. Could you elaborate on your use case for this column? What should happen after a reporting code is selected?

Hi @Laguna
the user needs to select a value for every row in the table, which is then later updated in the database.
The value they should be able to select from is depended on a value found in another Select widget.

If this is not working like that, maybe there is another workaround?
Thanks guys!

Hi @Rob1998,

If the value is already stored in the table in some form then you’ll want to edit that column directly instead of using a custom column. You can still use a select widget and the same query to populate it. To continue to assist you we’ll need more information about this table.

  1. Does the query that populates the table contain the data your custom column should update?
  2. If so, can we see the settings for the related column in the table?