Table inline editing - where is the setting?

I find detailed docs (and Github activity) around Inline editing of current item in the table widget. It looks just like what I want to achieve…

However, on my AppSmith cloud account, I do not get this option, in the table general properties (see image).

Does it depend on the type of data source ? (I tried inline array and Postgres - same, no setting available).

Does it depend on some other setting “to pop visible” ?

BTW, thanks for all work on a very interesting framework :slight_smile:

My cloud UI for the table widget (the inline edit is supposed to come after Enable multi-row selection):

I got a reply via support chat.
Apparently the docs were ahead of what was live.
The Inline row edit is not pushed live yet :frowning:

hi, any updates on this? i was looking for an option to recreate some sort of Airtable lookalike …

or is there a better tool for that anyway? we need some more control over the data/permissions and so have everything in a firebase right now

@gusto this isn’t available right now. We’re still working on this feature. You can track it’s progress here

It is closed as completed since 25 feb. How can we use this inline edit feature?

@marcowy We are currently collecting on user feedback before releasing the feature. If you’d like to volunteer please check the link below on our Discord Support channel - Discord


For anyone that may be finding this post now in the future, the Table’s Inline-Editing features were released a while ago :smile:

Take a look at the docs here and give it a try!