Table events and reset after selecting row

Hi everyone,
I have some very simple beginner issues that i can’t find my way around.

I use multiple table that list rhe results and are used as filters. When an item on the row is clicked, the other tables are modified accordingly.

  • Row “deselected” does not seem to have an event, which stops me from updated other tables on deselect (is this correct, if not, what event is to be used here?)
  • Using the resetWidget function does not seem to reset the selected row in several occasions. This causes some but not all tables to still have a “selected” row, even after resetting the widget multiple times over. (This is done by a separate “reset” button that resets the table or container and all children). This as tried both using the interface for widget reset and javascript functions.
  • Running queries after ResetWidget using doesn’t seem to be updated with new variables (by resetting the table, i hope to reset the selectedRow variables in order to use a wildcard in my query). I am even unsure if automatically updates the table as i do not see any update after running a simple JS function such as the following:
    myFunc: () => {
    ResetWidget(‘table1’); # table 1 is used as filter for table 2; #which is supposed to update table 2

It is also unclear if ResetWidget returns a promise, but i tried to update my function to run the Query1 in the .then() statement, but no difference.

Any insights are appreaciated!
Kind regards

Hey, thanks for the question.

  1. You can see if the row is deselected using {{Table1.selectedRowIndex === -1}}. If you use this in any of the conditions, the respective condition will be updated on deselect of that table.
  2. As for the resetWidget on the table set the selectedRowIndex variable to the default settings in the table configuration. If it is not set, the value of selectedRowIndex is set as -1. Can you share the instance where this might not be happening?
  3. The third might be because the default selected of the table might be defined. Will it be possible to check once?

I am not sure about the promise returned by resetWidget. Let me get back to you on this.

Hope this helped. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere?

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