statusDropdown is not defined error

The error that I am getting is:
“The value at config.body is invalid”

In my project which is self hosted, I have created a few query’s from a few different mongo datasources. For the POC purpose all the datasources points to the same mongo database just labels dev,beta,prod. Now all of these queries functions exactly the way I expect, however the debugger is picking up errors from a data source that I suspect is from some sort of default project with a postgresdb datasource as per the attachment. The reason I suspect this is because none of my queries are requesting or updating a user collection- > I don’t have any collections called users referenced in my code or in my dbs, and
i do not have any controls called statusDropDown anywhere in this project.
Could you please advise how to get ride of these errors?

Hey! Can you share the screenshots of the actual queries that you’ve written? It’ll give us more context.

Here is an example:

I can’t show you the results but it is a key value paring result that accurately reflects the collection in the the db.

Hey! Sorry, but I think you shared a different query than the failing one. In the error I can see status: "undefinined". Correct me if I am missing something?

Nope, thats exactly the issue. It is as if it is pulling that info from another project. There is no relation from the queries that i have created to the errors that is being shown, that is I dont have a users collections and im not trying to filter on status in any of them. I also dont have a control called statusDropDown in any of my projects

Hi @Elroy
We apologize for the trouble. The error you shared doesn’t have any correlation with the query you wrote. Can you please help us reproduce this issue by sharing the application with us? If you want to share the application please do share it with

Hi, yes thats exactly what has me stumped, if im not mistaken i was able to replicate it in a demo space. I have shared the link previously, will find the app and reshare it.

Hi AppSmith team, any feedback on the above?

@Elroy Apologies for the delay. Could you share the name of the workspace and the app you’ve shared with for investigating?

Hi Dancia
I have already shared it with but have not received any feedback?

Could you share the name of your workspace and your application so that we can quickly identify which one it is? Thanks

It is in the Demos Workspace, application name = “testing update”

Thanks @Elroy. We are able to see it and will get back to you as soon as we have an update.

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Hi @Elroy
Which version of Appsmith you are using? In case you are not using the latest one, can you please try upgrading to the latest version and check if this gets resolved?

I will give that a try, however the error is happening on as per the demo shared with you, so which version is running there?

Hi @Elroy
The current version is v1.7.14 on

So the issue is happening on this version as well as per the demo? has anything else come from the investigation?

Hi @Elroy
The issue doesn’t seem to prevail in your shared app with the latest version of Appsmith. Can you please try once and check if this exists? Please let us know your findings.

Hi @subratadeypappu , it definetly still is happening in that application: