Stale driver for MySQL

When connecting to TiDB Cloud Serverless Tier(a MySQL compatible database), it reports an error:

Definitely, the server supports and requires SSL.

From the error message, seems appsmith is using r2dbc-mysql. Check this issue to see more detail: fail to check capability in handshake packet · Issue #244 · mirromutth/r2dbc-mysql · GitHub. Unfortunately r2dbc-mysql seems losing maintaince Is the maintenance of this project stopped? · Issue #243 · mirromutth/r2dbc-mysql · GitHub. Maybe we could switch to r2dbc-mariadb. I make a try and the connection problem won’t happen.

Hey! TiDB says it’s MySQL compatible. Although, we’ll need to do deeper analysis here.

Could you please help us file a feature request/bug using the following link?- Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Please include your use case and how it will be useful for you.

@pranav [Bug]: error when connecting to TiDB Cloud cluster · Issue #19266 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub My goal is to make sure appsmith could connect to TiDB Cloud serverless tier successfully.