SSL connection to Google Cloud MySQL DB

How do you make a TLS connection to a Google Cloud MySQL database?

When the Google Cloud MySQL database is configured in TLS-only connection mode, you need to use a google-provided custom server CA, and in our JDBC connection string, we use sslMode=VERIFY_CA.

The r2dbc driver appears to support all the required options (GitHub - mirromutth/r2dbc-mysql: R2DBC MySQL Implementation) but the datasource config screen in appsmith does not expose them.

Unfortunately, at this juncture, there isn’t a way to upload a custom SSL certificate within Appsmith. There is an open issue on Github to track this for MySQL queries.

Would it be possible for you to upvote & add your use-case to the issue? Helps the team factor this use-case into consideration when developing & testing the feature.

In the meantime, would it be possible to not verify the SSL certificate when connecting to Google Cloud MySQL database?