Sometimes values aren't propagated correctly


Developing an app, this is on latest version. The Question #1 field is always returned by the api, but it often doesn’t show on the field, as empty. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I see some errors on the console, but don’t understand what could be the problem. This is on 1.7.10. See below videos:

First video it displays at 00:38

Second video at 00:46 it breaks and after it works: Streamable

Any idea(s)?

@ddorian43 Could you share how you are binding the data in the Question #1 field and also how you running the query that fetches this API? If you using JSObject, do share the code snippet for that too. Thanks.

It gets {{u.content().questions}} from:

export default {
	content: () => {

And apiGetContent is this one

Thanks for sharing this. I have asked the team to investigate. Will update you as soon as we are able to debug the issue.

@ddorian43 - can you use async and await in the JS object and then try fetching it? Like this?

export default {
	content: async () => {
	          let res = await;
              return res;