SOLVED: Self hosted appsmith docker autoupdate / watchtower error on arm64

Hi all!, I’m not requesting for help here, I just wanted to share an error in the documentation for docker-compose autoupdate section for arm64.

Running “docker-compose ps” I’ve found out that watchtower was giving continuously restarting:

docker-compose ps
        Name                      Command                  State                                       Ports                                 
appsmith               /opt/appsmith/entrypoint.s ...   Up (healthy)>443/tcp,:::443->443/tcp,>80/tcp,:::80->80/tcp
ubuntu_auto_update_1   /watchtower --schedule 0 0 ...   Restarting                                                                           

Reading the logs the error was: “auto_update_1 | exec /watchtower: exec format error”.

If you face this error all you have to change is this line in docker-compose:
image: containrrr/watchtower:latest-dev
image: containrrr/watchtower

Then rerun a docker-compose up -d; and everything will run again smoothly.


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Thank you for reporting this. The team will take this up and fix the docs.

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