Showing internal server error while importing an application to new appsmith instance in local

I had to format my system and I installed a new appsmith instance locally and tried to import my old application but it throwing an error like : internal server error while processing request . How do I solve this problem . immediate help needed.

@Ginjo Could you share the exported JSON to Also are you trying to import on a a self hosted instance? If yes, what version are you using?

yes am on a self hosted instance and it is the latest version am using v1.6.8

Thanks @Ginjo . Could you send me the exported JSON to my email id mentioned above so that we can investigate the issue?

@dancia I dont think that there is an issue with the json file. bcz the same file can be imported in another self hosted instance which is the version v1.6.2 .

I think this is a version conflict. My exported application is in older version . Could you help me on this

@Ginjo thanks for clarifying that. Let me get someone from the engineering team to help on this.

@Ginjo I checked with one of the engineers and it appears that it would be difficult to suggest anything directly as we might need to check between the 2 versions and what has been changed between these 2 and make necessary changes to files. If you could provide the JSON file, we can take a look and try to find a way to help you out.