Sharing app "source code"

What is the best approach to share the source code of an application?

Let’s suppose I want to publish it on github, I’d export the app to JSON and push it there, but there’s a problem: My own backend credentials are part of the JSON and obviously shouldn’t be shared.

Now I could of course add some setup script which patches the JSON with someone else’s DB name and credentials, I just wonder if someone has thought about this already and came up with some other approach?

I’ve seen git(hub) integration is on the roadmap, I’d also be interested in beta-testing this, unless it’s still months away

@arminus The GitSync feature will be released in a few weeks so you will be able to test it out.

If you want to share your app only with a few people, you can do that on Appsmith with permissions as Admin, Developer or just an App viewer - Access Control - Appsmith

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