Sending custom table columns in API call

I have a modal that has three text entry fields and a table. The table has some non-editable columns and some editable columns. I want to be able to hit a button and post a selection of the data from the text and the table into a different table.

For example:
Text fields: Carrier=UPS, Tracking=42abcd, Date=1/20/2023
Table row 1: Order=418, SKU=SCREW, Signer=Ben, qtyShipped=18
Table row 2: Order=419, SKU=SCREW, Signer=Ben, qtyShipped=500

This should insert two rows in a different table:
Order=418, SKU=SCREW, qtyShipped=18, Carrier=UPS, Tracking=42abcd, Date=1/20/2023
Order=419, SKU=SCREW, qtyShipped=500, Carrier=UPS, Tracking=42abcd, Date=1/20/2023

I attempted to do this by adding three custom columns to the table, one for each text field, and then having the computed value be (for example) {{carrier.inputText}}, but when I look at the table.tableData I don’t see those custom fields at all. Am I doing something wrong here?

Can you share a screenshot of how you’re adding the rows to the tableData?

Are the data in the table initially coming from an API call or a query?

The page starts off like this, with a table pulled from an API call to the “orders” table and a widget on the right allowing for some view/edit of specific fields pulled from the same table (but not displayed in the table widget).

If they select a row and select “New Shipment”, this modal pops up:

The table displays rows from the “orders” table that match the same customer as the selected row, plus a few fields to fill in. When they hit confirm here it should create a rows in the “shipments” table for every row here that “qty to ship” is filled in.

I think this is possible by running a JsObject onClick of the button. In the JsObject, you should be able to access any of the data either int The table on the Modal or the form or anywhere else.

It’s true, but having all the data bundled at the table seems convenient and a logical place to look, and having custom columns that can hold data but for some reason aren’t included in the output doesn’t make sense.