Secondary Stale Connection Error / Status 5000 with no changes made

Hello Community,

Since a few days our application stopped running due to an error when sending Queries to our MariaDB SQL Database. We did not change anything on our system so the error seems strange to me. Also I have trouble debugging due to the limited (or hard to interpret for me) information on the issue.

We are using a self-hosted docker image of AppSmith with the watchtower configured to install the latest updates.

When I open up the application or manually run - any - Query that is connected to the Database the following message occurs:

Execution failed with status 5000.
Secondary stale connection error.

The message is followed by an “action Id” and “requested at” value

I am quite new to working with SQL and AppSmith and so far everything worked like a charm even after months of testing and rushing through versions. Just recently more colleagues are using the app, so maybe there might be a connection?

Any help how to address or debug this issue is highly appreciated! :innocent:

Thank you in advance and have a great day,


After a few tries a simple restart of the Appsmith container did the trick today. :melting_face:

Thanks to anyone reading and taking the time to think :slight_smile:

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Hello! I am glad the issue is resolved. However, what is your Appsmith version?

I also find this problem today. :sweat_smile: After restart container, it’s ok.

What version of Appsmith are you using?

docker image:

Hi Mort, we apologize for all the issues you are having with Appsmith, we have an internal ticket about this issue and a fix is expected to be released next week, thank you very much for your patience.

You can track this issue in this link:[Bug]: "Secondary stale connection error" When Using MySQL Databases · Issue #17324 · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

Thank you for fixing the issue. In the last versions the error did not occur again.

Hello, sorry, but I think this issue is back :frowning:

Hi @thomasmathieu sorry to hear you are facing this issue. Would it be possible for us to get into a debug call for the same? Please find my calendly link below to schedule a call as per your convenience.
Calendly Link : Calendly - Piyush Pushkar
Thank you