Search/Filter across all API records

Trying to figure out how to filter my data across all pages of a table that is pulling API data (WooCommerce products). My API supports URL parameter for search, which I have working, however, my Table Settings does not include an onOptionChange like outlined here.

Additionally, my API does not support searching for a product’s category, but rather only supports searching product names or just simply all the categories available (not what products are associated with them :unamused:). I’m currently taking the JSON output and getting ALL information about products (which includes category name) and am transforming the JSON to just read the key’s value ({{currentRow.categories[0].name}}) .

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @vinnie! Welcome to the appsmith community!

I recon you missed this line from the doc - Server-side filtering requires us to use another widget like a dropdown which can provide users a list of filters that our APIs support..

You see onOptionChange is only applicable in case of an external filter using Select/multi-select widget.

To solve your problem of filtering through entire data. I’d say you can set the table to something like this -

{{ => item.category === category_filter.selectedOptionValue)}}

In this case category_filter is a dropdown (select/multi select widget) with all the category options

Thanks, Pranav - I’ll give that a shot.

Definitely overlooked or misunderstood the another widget section. :cold_face: