Scheduled Downtime on September 4, 2022

Hi appsmith team :slight_smile:

you write

“Post-migration, it will be business as usual for users of but self-hosters will need to upgrade to the latest version.”

Is this really the case? We decided to self host to not be forced to upgrade every version (using the old watchtower variant, we experienced several issues after auto upgrade…)

Will an old (= outdated) self-hosted version stop working after maintenance?
When we not do an docker-compose pull, we cannot access our apps any longer?

This would be a very bad decision, as it’s still holiday time and some admins are gone…
Updating on such notice will leave the non technical team without their “tools”. Please re-think that decision!

If you want to monetize appsmith please do so, but don’t use such an approach, to do it through “the backdoor” :slight_smile: thank you

Thank you!!

@abe Apologies for the delay in response and for the confusion. Self-hosted users who have auto-updates turned off will not have downtime. You need not upgrade (everything will work as usual) and you can do it later whenever you wish to. When you choose to update to the latest version, then you would also go through the migrations. Please feel free to reach out in case of any queries.

Thank you very much for the clarification!
That is very good news :slight_smile: