Running Appsmith Locally - Still sending external data

I just tried running Appsmith locally using docker-compose.

I noticed that it is still sending out data to an external source.

Is that the case?

We are looking at using Appsmith or an app that is similar in features, but we can’t have it sending data out of our network. We need the entire thing hosted on premise.

I was wondering what the options were for this use case?

@banappsmith4 Even if you are self-hosted, the instance needs to make calls to in order for some features to work, for eg: release notes on the product, Templates, Git Sync etc.

We do provide an air-gapped environment on the enterprise/business edition. Please block time on the Calendly link to learn more - Calendly

@banappsmith4 To better explain this, appsmith contacts the outside world in 2 scenarios

  1. To fetch release notes and product templates (none of your data ever leaves the server)
  2. To share anonymous behavior data for our product analytics (you can disable this)

We never collect any data specific to your instance and you can easily disable / read about our telemetry here

My current problem is that I’m trying to work on a proof of concept using Appsmith.

I can’t get the docker instance set up because the calls to are blocked within docker.

I can go to from the browser, so I’m not sure what is blocking the calls.

@banappsmith4 are you on a VPN? It could be a company firewall setting that is blocking appsmith