Run multiple events onClick

Prior to this running I set the appStore:


I am not able to find out how to put this all together.

I have a button that onClick I need to:

1: {{storeValue(‘viovStatus’,‘Add’)}}

2: {{}}

on Success:
set datepicker1 widget to;
set datepicker2 widget to;

on Fail:

@Preston, add this under JS for button’s onClick event

storeValue("viovStatus", "Add");
    () => {
      storeValue("dpfVariation_StartDate", dpfVariation_StartDate.selectedDate),
        storeValue("dpfVariation_EndDate", dpfVariation_EndDate.selectedDate);
    () => showAlert("Error", "error")
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Thank you. I was missing the , between the two storeValue calls. I had been trying it with a ;