Rollback to an older version


how can i rollback to version 1.7.8?



If you have synced your applications to git, you can simply deploy the older version and re-import your apps. Barring this, rolling back to an older version of the platform is not possible. Is there an issue you’re facing that requires you to rollback?

I worked on v1.7.8 and on my new laptop I have v1.8.0 now but I want to work with the older Version. Is there any possibility to get back without git?

I am also interested in doing this to test if an issue I am having is due to an appsmith upgrade or something external (namely database corruption). I am running appsmith on docker and I built it off of a docker-compose file. Should I be able to do this by altering the following line in the docker-compose file


and then running ?

docker-compose down && docker-compose up -d

What is your current Appsmith version and to what version do you want to downgrade?
Can you also elaborate a bit on your use case and the issue that you are facing?

Hi @Amelia - I am currently on community v1.9.4 and would want to go to at least before v1.9.3.1 as I think the issue I am seeing started happening around the time that my docker container auto-updated to that. You can find the details of my issue at the bottom of this thread.

Hi, to go back to a previous version of Appsmith, you can use this AVM repository: GitHub - felix-appsmith/Appsmith-Version-Manager: Appsmith-Version-Manager (AVM) This project has the ability to make rollbacks and backups of your Docker container you can travel to past versions of Appsmith and from past versions to future

The program creates a backup of your Appsmith files and after changing its version, follow the README steps to take it.

I hope this is helpful for you, if you have any questions, write us.