Right docker image

Hi guys,

Can someone explain the difference between these two docker hub images?

  • appsmith-ce
  • appsmith-server

Under deploy we have two folders: /templater and /docker - the first uses the appsmith-server and the second the appsmith-ce image.

both images are available at Docker Hub


Looping in @sharat87

Hey @reichert, welcome to the Appsmith community!

The image called appsmith-server contains just the backend API server, which is a Java process. It doesn’t contain static assets needed for Appsmith to run.

The image called appsmith-ce is our (new) fat-image. It comes with all the necessary services to run Appsmith all withing a single Docker image, including static assets and MongoDB.

The deploy/docker folder contains resources for building the appsmith-ce image. The actual Dockerfile used for this is at the root of the repository.

The deploy/templates folder is used by the deploy/install.sh which was the old way of installing Appsmith (which was to download this shell script and run it). The contents of the templates folder don’t end up in either of these Docker images.