REST API Google OAuth - Keeps asking me to authorize datasource

I have created a datasource as a REST API and connected it to the Google Calendar API.
I followed your steps here - OAuth2 Authorization for Google Sheets | Appsmith

Google API Services also asked me to create test users. I added my email. Now every couple of hours, appsmith datasource asks me to re-authorize the datasource. Is this because it’s in testing? Do I need to publish the app on Google Workspace?

Am I missing something?

Hi there!
This is weird behavior. I’m not sure It’s due to the fact that it’s in testing mode.
What operations do you try to perform on Appsmith with the Google API?


I just run different API requests from the calendar API. Listed a few here:

Does that answer your questions?

Yes, it does. Thank you for the clarification.
Can you share a screenshot of the re-authorization messages you’re getting?

Basically, I’m clicking the buttons on the app that make the API request. I get an API authentication error.
I go to the datasource → edit → save and re-authorize.

The consent screen comes up again. I select my account. It works for a few hours and then I have to do this again.

Please send a screenshot of the auth error you’re receiving.