Remove Appsmith Logo embeded


it is possible to remove the appsmith top bar ( It is also possible to remove the apssmith logo on the right side if the app is shared?


Hello @isa.grafit, could you let us know why you want to remove the logo on the right side? We can then help you out better.

the “built on appsmith” logo

Because I want to release my application to my other two team members and I don’t want them to know what platform I’m building on.

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@limitlessmentoring would you be up for a quick 15 min chat regarding this? This is my calendly

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I am also interested on the conclusion of this topic.
any update?

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@Dameats What we’re learning is that users are ok with upgrading to our business edition for this feature so long as it’s at a reasonable price (it is!). If you feel otherwise, I’d love to chat and understand why you feel this way. You can find some time on my calendar above.
As of now, we’re recommending users to upgrade to get rid of it.

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Good advice to just upgrade (if the pricing makes sense) - this way you can enable auto updates and not have to be a maintainer. Super pumped to see the business pricing when the team ready - count me in!

It might be useful for the community to document the DIY steps for those use cases that fall outside (there cant be too many of these?!). Looks like a simple modification to appsmith/app/client/src/assets/svg at cbce8f8b8eee13c0cfe044aa6c018045e1188c0a · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub
then rebuild the docker.

Again - not a great option as difficult updates unless you maintain the fork and docker builds = PITA!

In my case, it is annoyingly over top of the Update button on a Data CRUD wizard Update page.

Hey @jo-cpa can you share a screenshot of your app once? It will help us understand the issue better.


Can you share the full screenshot of the app, it’s hard to understand if we can resize elements and solve the problem here

I cannot. It contains private personnel data.
I’d have to fork it and create a new database/table and adjust.

FYI on Safari (Mac) when I scroll down completely on the Update Modal… the Update button is slightly more viewable.


Resizing the modal container helps… still annoying.

Hi @davidAwatere could u explaine hwo can i rebuild doker , i am try many times but fails
I folow this steps

thank you

Hey @Nacer, I think you are after this repo - appsmith/deploy/docker at release · appsmithorg/appsmith · GitHub

Thank you @pranav for reply but what i mean is how to download appsmith source code from github then build image from that local folder ?