Release v1.5 ๐ŸŒˆ

Release Notes


  • Introducing all new List Widget! You can now iterate over a certain repetitive data and display them in a non-tabular fashion. (#2389)
  • The most awaited Google Sheets Plugin is out now in beta! You can now build CRUD apps, dashboards, admin panels with Google sheets as a backend. (#3517)
  • Weโ€™ve introduced a debugger for developers to understand errors in a more intuitive way while building. (#3633)
  • Now, while running an API or DB Query, we display the results count. This will help you know the total objects available for binding. (#4185)
  • Appsmith now supports connecting to MongoDB without authentication! (#4130)
  • Fork and copy applications across organizations (#4121)

Bug Fixes

  • If the image widget finds the image source to be a base64 encoded string the data:image/png ; base64 prefix automatically gets added, so that the image can be rendered correctly. (#4020)
  • The script will work even if the user lacks write permissions in working directory. (#4220)
  • Weโ€™ve fixed the line breaks issue when exporting table data to CSV.(#3757)
  • Moved to custom scrollbars for a more consistent experience (#4006)
  • Previously, the values in the Multi-select dropdown widget did not reset, this is now fixed even in the forms. (#3962)
  • The images in the table widget are now symmetrically aligned. (#4045)
  • We removed the background property from selected dropdown item in table widget filters (#4065)
  • Previously, text got cropped in the text widget even when there was space. This is now fixed (#4187)
  • Weโ€™ve fixed the error of renaming a table widget that is connected to data from MongoDB (#4195)
  • Tabs widget are now refactored with new nested property validation! (#4014)
  • Multiple bug fixes on the omnibar (#3998)
  • Previously, the selected file deletion in File Picker widget had few issues, this is now fixed. (#3987)
  • Multiple typescript bug fixes (#4389)