Release v1.5.3 🌟

Release Notes


  • Convert your table data into Excel! The data bound inside the Table Widget can now be downloaded as an excel sheet with a single click! (#4199)
  • Add functionality to support multipart/form-data to Appsmith’s API pane section. You can now select the tab Form-Data in the data types under Body . Appsmith will send a multipart form data request to the backend API. (#4547)
  • If a widget has an error, you’ll see it next to the widget name, in editing mode for all widgets. (#4558)
  • We’ve added a new property to the Select widget that can hide the filter options. (#3791)
  • We’ve added support for form-based queries in the Mongo plugin. (#4378)
  • We’re getting started with grouping widgets! Now you can be able to select or delete multiple widgets by grouping them using simple shortcuts. Use CMD/CTRL + A to group all widgets, CMD/CTRL + Click to select multiple widgets, DELETE key for deleting the selected widgets and `ESC to clear all selections on the Canvas. (#4219)

Bug Fixes

  • Reusing a saved data source now displays the common headers from the data source in the API pane! (#4481)
  • The table widget continues to apply client-side searching even when onSearchChange is configured. This issue is now fixed; we’ve disabled the client-side search when the server-side search is enabled. (#4316)
  • The parsing logic for URL query parameters in the API pane tokenises incorrectly; this issue is now fixed. (#4482)
  • The errors shown inside the debugger are revised after page load actions are executed. (#4552)
  • Packed with Performance Improvements and Optimisation (#4554, #4397)
  • When the executed APIs are duplicated on the pages, the duplicated APIs request/response data is cleared. (#4521)
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