Release v1.5.3.3

What’s new?

Features :rocket:

  • Not working on older apps or shared apps? Don’t worry; we’ve added an option to leave organisations so that you can look at what’s important. (#4903)
  • We’ve added new shortcuts. You can now use CMD + return or ctrl + enter to run APIs and DB Queries on Appsmith. (#4774)
  • Autocomplete does your job! We now have the best match section that gives intelligent suggestions for your queries while doing operations or binding data in widgets. (#4898)
  • On Appsmith, you can now create an application on one instance and can import/export to another instance. (#4553)
  • We’ve added an onClose property to the close icon on the Modal widget; now, you can create any action after the modal is closed. (#4834)
  • We’ve improved our Omnibar search; it now accepts special characters so that you could also browse through errors and code snippets from our docs. [(#4965), (#4753)]
  • Our firestore integration now allows users to add multiple where conditions to firestore’s document query. (#3740)
  • We’ve made Appsmith much faster! Also, we’ve optimized Table, Rich Text Editor and List Widget, [(#4563), (#4680), (#4805), (#4605)]

Bug Fixes :beetle:

  • Previously, inputs in a modal widget are cleared when navigating to API; this bug is now fixed! (#4525)
  • We’ve fixed issues on the Chart Widget; the onDataPointClick now works in the case of custom chart types. (#4766)
  • When performing type conversions and API requests using the moustache syntax, we’ve fixed the evaluation issues with the BigInt object. (#4745)
  • We’ve fixed issues while parsing emails in the text widget; you shouldn’t be seeing any additional characters now. (#4309)
  • While switching pages, the debugger’s logs now get cleared. This will help you find the errors concerning the pages you’re working with. (#4672)
  • We’ve removed the deprecated properties on the File Picker widget that are no longer required. (#4433)
  • Previously, When we try to fork or import an application containing the MongoDB data source authenticated with SRV string, the destination application breaks with an authentication failure error. This is now fixed. (#4944)
  • We’ve fixed errors for our chart widget; the fusion charts are now bug-free! (#4844)
  • Previously, we couldn’t set the same dates for default & min/max properties on the date picker widget; this issue is now fixed. (#4425)