Release v1.5.1 🌈

Release Notes

What’s new?

  • To improve the debugging experience, we now return prepared statements and the parameters under the request params section! (#4421)
  • Searching through a lot of apps on Appsmith? Don’t worry; we’re now showing recently edited apps first under your organisations. (#2093)(#4461)
  • The postgres plugin now supports the jsonb data type. (#4519)
  • Previously, when pasting a widget or copying an action, it used to take a new name. Now it will retain its original name. This makes copying widgets/actions between pages and apps easier. (#4399)
  • We now expose API response headers and response status to our programmatic interface. You can now handle API responses in more scenarios. (#4336)
  • Previously, for an existing application, the data source needed to be configured again to perform API actions. We’ve fixed this by updating our refresh token workflow. (#4450)
  • The debugger now shows the errors during evaluation, separating js errors and validation errors. (#4361)
  • We have fixed a few issues for our latest list widget. Resizing is so much smoother! (#4321)