[Release 1.7.13] A curious question, a lot of prettiness, and even more usability

What’s new?

Let’s ask you something we have been curious about.

How many apps would an Appsmith smith if an Appsmith could smith apps?

We started counting, but got distracted writing these notes. We will go back to counting just as soon as you have reacted with :rocket:, :kissing_heart:, and :heartpulse:.

Theming welcomes more widgets to its club, Project Reskinning has news for you, and fork-happy users now get to forking better.

:rocket: Features

  • After le Button, le Container, and ze Table—because the Table has an Anglo-French personality—, it is Charts’ turn to say hello to Theming. [#15622]
  • Helm Charts in Kubernetes are amazing at app deployments, but they don’t want to identify pods for services like Istio. We know because we asked Helm. Then we sang, “We need a hero” in Bonnie Tyler’s voice and @heroic came to our heroic rescue with his first ever contribution to our repo. [#15352]

:muscle:t5: Improvements

  • Project Reskinning has updates.
    • Radio it, toggle it, checkbox it. Theme ‘em away, Scotty. Or Matty. Or Dottie. Or whoever else you are. [#15329]
    • Order > chaos. Always. Here, it’s the position of your labels on the RichTextEditor widget. [#15769]
    • And here, it’s a whole bouquet of widgets. Find properties by content, style, and events of too many to list here. Why we have three PRs for you to devour [#14379] [#15673] [#15557]
    • From what we are hearing, in the next update from Project Reskinning, we will just say, “Widgets updated. Go figure.”
  • Some people like their sync functions off-roading. Living on the edge and what-not. Most of you, though, like smooth rides. So, we removed the gear that ran these functions on page load. Off-roaders will just have to hack their way to living dangerously, but that’s okay. [#15442]
  • Introducing the new Camera widget. Oh-so-pro. Max. Ultimate. And other adjectives from Apple. Point being, no blurry images, no icon jumps. Just, :notes: smooth operation :notes: in Sade’s voice. [#14679]
  • Autocomplete doesn’t play Brutus anymore when widgets are duplicated. Cherry on top, we improved our heuristics to find matches Match.com can be inspired by. [#15406]
  • We heard a rumor that input forms when connecting to a datasource were neither consistent nor usable. So, we made them bigger and thus, banished the rumor. We still love you, Allison. [#15396]
  • Organic scrolling experience replaces multiple scroll bars when there are several widgets. We hope other web apps follow our lead. [#15679]
  • Performance is always improving, thanks to fixes like → [#15405] and [#15552].
  • More security following the quick and short release before with [#15767]

:bug: Bug fixes

  • When forking some templates, you didn’t see a message to reconnect a datasource. We fixed it so you don’t go, “Fork!” when forking. [#15606]
  • The Multi-select widget complained we were biased to the Select widget for defaults. We heard the complaint and acted. [#15491]
  • Speaking of Select and its defaults, values were still being invalidated. They have validation now. [#15846]
  • In some cases, connecting to an Elasticsearch instance failed. This was a high-priority bug that we squashed with prejudice. [#15332]
  • Sorry about showing an error even as we were talking well with each other, Web Crypto API. We have now fixed that wayward error. Can we be friends again? [#15607]
  • Some errors are only helpful to you, our awesome makers of apps, not users of the apps you make. So we removed them. Cleaner experiences = user compliments, right? [#15815]
  • Speaking of experiences, sometimes—and we know which times—, the container for your widgets would restart. That’s not happening now. [#15702]
  • When used, Widget Search was frisking a lot of innocent widgets. We didn’t approve this behavior, so we tightened Mr. Search’s bolts. [#15032]
  • success:true kept making its presence felt in API responses, which JSONForms took very seriously. We fixed this misconstrued obligation. [#15641]
  • JSONForms and onChange were having fun with formData values, which wasn’t fun for any of us. We fixed that so now we have all the fun and they don’t. [#15650]
  • Filepicker was being a little too attention-seeking. If you went away from it for a bit, it didn’t want to pick files anymore. We have taught it a valuable life lesson—obedience. [#15626]
  • Custom names for columns in the new Table widget was a much-welcomed feature, but it was window dressing if you couldn’t reference those names you thought of so creatively. We upgraded it to in-room decor. [#15490]
  • When you ran Appsmith in a cluster, you would get one of a few pesky errors accompanied by annoying timeouts. It had to do with how we were calling the server, so we changed that. And no more errors! [#15773]

:mechanic: New contributors

  • @heroic made their first ever heroic contribution. [#15352] We hope they make a lot more.