[Release 1.7.12] Secure by design, unblocked by intention

What’s new

This one’s a really quick release. We haven’t done this before, we think. No worries, though. We will soon end up at v1.7.13.

:shield: Security for everyone

  • A medium-sized fix for us, a giant leap for your security within Appsmith. [15782]
  • And much like Neil, we pushed the next fix, too. [15834]

:muscle:t5: Improvements for Business users

  • Keycloak blocked some of you instead of blocking illegit authorizations. We told Keycloak to behave. It is right now, but let us know post-haste if it starts misbehaving again, okay? [#471]
  • This is how we made it behave, if you care about under-the-hood buts and nolts. [#475]