[Release 1.7.10] Inline editing in tables, Airtable is now generally available, and wait, did you say, auto-indent?

We squashed 102 bugs and shipped 34 features in this release alone with three #BigThings that should delight you all. Head over to our monthly round-up for a quick downlow.

:rocket: New features

  • Put an indent in your universe. Automatically. The Appsmith JavaScript editor will now automatically indent your code, saving you time and Tab hits. [#13222]
  • Embed restrictions are now lifted. With our new environment variable, APPSMITH_ALLOWED_FRAME_ANCESTORS, you can now let your sub-domains and even other domains embed your apps in frames. [#15348]
  • We heard you about Azure RSA keys and we raise you RSA keys for Azure, GitLab, and Bitbucket. ECDSA is still there and loves not being alone anymore. [#14383]
  • OAuth2 doesn’t mind self-signed certificates. We don’t either. Not anymore. [#14719]

:hammer_and_wrench: Improvements

  • We have renamed “Organizations” to “Workspaces” to reflect their use and reality better. This makes it clear that groups of apps may belong to different organizations, teams, groups, projects, or even different needs for a single user. [#15410]
  • Long query names were hard to read, weren’t they? So we added hover tooltips to show full names. Life’s a little easier now, we think. [#15068]
  • API authorization errors would show errors messages only if you went into Edit mode. We didn’t think that was great, so they now show up in View mode. [#14767]
  • Button Groups didn’t show loader icons unlike Buttons. We have now set them straight with a loader icon when you trigger an action. [#15246]
  • The property pane now loads faster on focus even when you have up to four JavaScript codes for a widget. [#13676]
  • Lint error reporting now shows better error messages for async functions and includes code line numbers for better spot-and-fix. [#15098]
  • Why use Form Buttons to clear a form when you can just use Buttons and the resetWidgetfunction? So we deprecated Form Buttons. They don’t like that, but they will deal with it. [#14510]
  • Permissions into Google Sheets are now simpler and a lot less pesky, we hope. [#15169]
  • We now show MessageEvents metadata for the iFrames widget so you can build check and workflows for your apps easier. [#14730]

:bug: Fixes

  • The Currency Input widget doesn’t show an error as you are writing inside it. Much better. [#14958]
  • Background colors and alignments now work with the new table widget–as they should have. [#15233]
  • Sometimes, the default array item in JSONForms just wouldn’t delete. Yep. Fixed. [#15205]
  • The Multi-select widget’s height behavior was inconsistent with the Multi-tree Select widget’s. It is now consistent. [#15228]
  • The default value of lat and lang properties in the Map widget is now a number. [#15217]
  • [MongoDB] We now automatically recover from an instance failing to come up because the key file is missing, say, when migrating from a very old slim-container instance to a fat container setup. [#15207]
  • Mayhem ensued when multiple actions connected to a non-existent datasource ran simultaneously, all of them trying to create the datasource object. We fixed it with sound logic for the race condition. [#14328]
  • When the columns in the Table widget were set to Menu Button type, the Compact property didn’t work. It now does. [#15302]

:gift: New templates

:mechanic: New contributors